What is the Legal Entity Identifier?

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a unique identifier, which allows for the identification of legally independent entities across global financial markets. It represents an innovative cross-country, cross-legal system, and cross-market solution. The creation of the Global LEI System is a direct result of the recent financial crisis and a reaction to the difficulties experienced by banks and regulatory agencies to quickly identify complex corporate relationships as well as links between issuers and securities.

Legal Entity Identifier: simply explained

Frequently asked Questions on the LEI

Here you find help and answers to frequent questions on specific products and services related to the Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs), their application, costs, renewal or the change of the account.

General Questions on the LEI

What is the format of the LEI?

How do markets benefit from the LEI?

Who is behind the LEI system and how is it organized?

What is the global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)?

How do markets benefit from the LEI?

How is the LEI system organized?

What is the area of application of the LEI?

Which Regulations Require the Use of a LEI?

Which entity information is recorded along with the LEI?

Who assigns the LEI?

What type of company is WM Datenservice?

Who requires an LEI?

How does one apply for an LEI?

Where can I find additional information?

LEI Application

How do I apply for an LEI?

Is it possible to apply for multiple LEIs at once?

Who can apply for an LEI?

Why is a written form of authorization required? What does it have to include?

What information is verified as part of the LEI application process?

What other information is published along with the LEI?

What is information on the group structure?

Why am I unable to find my LEI via the WM-LEIPORTAL search feature?

My company has its legal domicile in Germany, but it also does business abroad. Do I need an additional LEI from the relevant allocation agency abroad?

I would like to register an independent company unit that is doing business abroad via the company headquarters with domicile in Germany. Is this possible via the WM-LEIPORTAL or do I have to contact the relevant allocation agency abroad?

My LEI application has been denied. What could be the reasons?

I was previously assigned a General Entity Identifier (GEI). How does the name change to LEI affect me?

Can individuals acting in a business capacity apply for an LEI?

LEI Costs

How much does it cost to apply for an LEI?

How are the LEI service fees used?

What are the invoicing and payment procedures?

LEI Account Change

How can I move an LEI from one user account to another?

LEI Renewal

What is the LEI subscription service?

My LEI has been assigned the status CONFIRMATION OVERDUE. What does that mean?

Changing the Data Associated with an LEI

I have noticed an error in the data associated with an LEI. What should I do?

Our company has moved its legal domicile to a foreign country. Do I have to apply for a new LEI?

Information on the Use of the LEI

How do I access the LEI data of my business partners and that of other market participants?

Do you publish all globally assigned LEIs via the WM-LEIPORTAL?

What options for automated processing are available?

Is there a fee for accessing LEI records?

Are there any licensing fees for the use of LEIs?

LEI Status Categories

What does the LEI Registration Status in the LEI Common File Format (CFF) mean?

What do the different status categories in the WM Datenservice LEI database mean?

Further Information

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You may also contact us via email at:

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